Holiday Lake RV Park

178 Arlie Barr Rd.
Viburnum, MO  65566

About Holiday Lake

Holiday Lake Campground and RV park is family owned and operated near Viburnum, MO in Crawford County. We purchased this property in 2007 after falling in love with the serenity this rural setting offers.


Holiday Lake was created by the Barr family in 1972 by building a dam across Shoal Creek and rerouting  Arlie Barr Road a bit further up the valley slopes. Most of the family farm buildings were moved to higher ground except one barn which still stands in water near the far end of the lake.

After the lake filled and initial stocking was completed the Campground was developed in the late 70's and operated successfully for many years by members of the extended Barr family. However after some ownership changes the park was not doing well and fell into disrepair. Despite this the park remained operating into the next century and was purchased by Sherman and Elmina West in 2002.

The West's began the process of restoring the park facilities and landscape to good condition in order to put Holiday Lake back on the recreational maps of Missouri. In 2007 they decided to retire and put Holiday Lake up for sale at which time we acquired this slice of heaven. We have continued the process of restoring and improving the park and plan on staying here as long as we can.


Holiday Lake is a family run business.  Meet the Bierlein's.

Gerhard (Gerry) - husband, father, and head of the business.  You will see Gerry around the park almost non-stop. 

Julile (Julie) - wife, mother, and the inside person. Julile will be out and about some, but does most of the office and store work.

Michael - Michael is the laid back muscles of the group and is always willing to help you anyway possible.

Carine (CJ) - The redheaded tornado. She is a very outgoing young lady that helps her family where she can.